Colombia – Decaf


This decaffeinated coffee is well balanced and medium in body. We roast this to the lighter end of full city. You will find hints of citric, graham, nutty, and milk chocolate making this coffee pleasurable to the palate!


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Region: Colombia

Colombia’s size alone certainly contributes to the different profiles that its 20 coffee-growing departments (out of a total 32) express in the cup, but even within growing regions, there are plentiful variations due to the microclimates created by mountainous terrain, wind patterns, proximity to the Equator, and, of course, differences in varieties and processing techniques.

Provider Information

Arabica Variety:
Milling Process:
Growing Altitude:
4987 and 5413 ft.
Harvest Period:
May - July


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Whole Bean / Ground

Whole Bean, Ground


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